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What is The SEDO FUE Technique In Hair Transplant?

There are many techniques doctors use for hair transplant operations. SEDO FUE is one of them. This method minimizes the anxiety during the operation. With SEDO FUE, the patient falls into a half-asleep state. Therefore he won’t feel the needles used in local anesthesia and any pain on his body. So what is SEDO FUE and who can be treated under this method? Let’s have a look:

What is SEDO FUE?

This method is applied as the classic Follicular Unit Extraction, known as FUE, under sedation, where grafts are collected one by one and transplanted later to the designated area. This method is not a requirement in hair transplant operation but it is advised for patients who have anxiety and low pain tolerance.

How Is The SEDO FUE Technique Administered?

The administration of this technique is quite simple. For the hair transplant operation – no matter which anesthesia method is used – a vascular access is opened up on the blood veins (usually on the arm) to provide the patient with necessary antibiotics. In the beginning of the operation we use a sedative medicine with minimal dose for the patient to relax and feel as if he’s in a sleep like state. With this, the patient doesn’t feel any pain. Then, just like all methods, the scalp is numbed with local anesthesia needles. The patient wakes up at the end of the whole procedure. When we use the SEDO FUE method, the hair line is drawn before the sedation instead of what we usually do (after the extraction of hair grafts). After the patient’s approval, the operation proceeds.

Which Patients Can Pick The SEDO FUE Option?

In hair transplant clinics, if the patient doesn’t have any disease related to heart or blood pressure, SEDO FUE method can be used with the approval and presence of an anesthesiologist. At Este Medica, we use this technique for the patients who don’t want to feel any pain and almost fall asleep from relaxing during the operation. Reach out to us through the numbers on our web page to get more info about this process and get your dream hair in the most painless way.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Turkey during the Covid-19 Pandemic

As Este Medica we continue to welcome and treat our patients from all around the world during the hard times of the pandemic, just as we did before. We are fully aware that there are different restrictions regarding travel during the pandemic. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to answer some of the questions people have in their minds about travel to Turkey, accomodation and treatment regulations.

  • From where the patients can fly to Turkey?

Excluding Brazil, United Kingdom, Denmark and South Africa, there are flights from all over the world, coming into Turkey.

  • Is there a quarantine restriction on arrival?

If you haven’t been to Brazil, UK, Denmark or South Africa, 10 days prior to your arrival to Turkey, you don’t need to quarantine.

  • Which documents are needed before arriving in Turkey?

Before boarding on a flight to Turkey, you need a negative PCR test, which is taken maximum of 72 hours before the flight. In addition to the PCR test result, you also need to fill the form on this website, 72 hours before you board on your flight to declare your health information.

  • What do you need to know about accomodation in Turkey?

You can check in at any hotel, B&B or accommodation arrangement with the negative PCR test you used to get on your flight. The accommodation amenities like breakfast, lunch, dinner, pool, Turkish bath etc may vary depending on your accommodation choice. In Turkey, every city has different restrictions, depending on the active Covid-19 cases in the city. In Istanbul, there is a weekend curfew and weekday curfew after 7 PM. Tourists with foreign passports are not required to follow these regulations, as long as they carry the passports on them at all times.

  • How to enter shopping malls and restaurants in Turkey?

Just as Turkish citizens do, you can download the HES app and register with your passport number. While entering these places, you’ll need to open the app and scan your personal code.

If you need to document your medical situation before boarding on a flight to Turkey, we can email you a document that states you will have a hair transplant operation at Este Medica. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our clinic in the heart of Istanbul and give you the hair of your dreams!

When Will It Heal?: What To Expect After Your Hair Transplant

A major question in everyone’s head for hair transplant is the healing process after the operation. It is possible to go through this process as smoothly as possible with the right care and following the expert’s instructions. Here, we’ve listed what should be done at each term after the operation for the best healing and hair growth:

1 Day After Hair Transplant:

It is possible to have swellings and minor aching in the head, since you just had your operation. In this case, you can use the painkillers given to you by the clinic. The information on continuation of the medications will be given to you by our experts. The day after your operation, we will welcome you again at the clinic to give your head its 1st wash. As your head is very delicate, it has to be done carefully and very gently.  We do this procedure ourselves.

3 Days After Hair Transplant:

As of the 3rd day, most of your swelling and headache should be gone. From now on, you can wear a cap. Probably you’re back at your home or on your way home.

You can wash your hair with Este Medica lotion & shampoo. A video of instructions on how to wash your head gently will be shared with you after the operation. You should continue washing your head following the instructions until the 10th day.

10 Day After Hair Transplant

Until the 10th day, you may notice shells on your treated area. Today you will wash your head differently than the previous days and shed these shells. Most of the shells will fall naturally during your wash. The back of your head, where we collected hair grafts, will also heal as of the 10th day. Now you can lay on your back as you like and start doing light exercise.

1 Month After Hair Transplant

You can almost go back to your normal routine as of 1 month. You can go back to any exercise you’ve been practicing (crossfit, intense cardio or heavy lifting). Do not forget to send as photos of your head at this time, so we can track the progress of your healing and hair growth.

3 Months After Hair Transplant

From the 3 month mark, you can easily participate in activities with high heat like going to hammams or saunas. You can swim and sunbathe. Unlike the shells that were shed earlier, soft and thinner hair will start to grow on your head. These hairs will grow out and will give you a full look approximately 1 year after the operation.

The duration of healing is an approximate time range and it very much depends on how good the treated area is protected and how the patients take care of themselves. As Este Medica we take care of each and every one of our patients, follow their healing processes and keep ready on the other end of their telephones.

5 Reasons To Have Hair Transplant During The Pandemic

Most people who would like a hair transplant usually push the operation date back because they’re not sure about the procedure, healing, and how their hair will look like at the end. Some major concerns we’ve heard are; taking off days from work to have the operation and resting enough at home to help the healing process and protecting the operated area. Also, some people may not like the temporary look of the operated area. Therefore having this operation during the pandemic and quarantine, offers a great deal of convenience on many levels. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a hair transplant during the pandemic:

1- Post Operative Care is Even Easier At Home!

The first few days after hair transplant requires maximum care and attention to the operated area. Even the tiny movements like getting in an elevator, using public transport, or sitting in a car exposes the area to potential harm and hits. Having this operation during the pandemic minimizes these risks as most of the world works from home and only leaves their homes for essential duties.

2- Let Your Body Heal Better At Home!

Even if the procedure is done under local anesthesia, a hair transplant is still an operation. Therefore, like every other operation, the body needs to rest to regain its energy. Especially the first few days after the hair transplant, the patient should spend his time at home, preferably laying down and resting. We advise patients not to walk around much.

Since all of us are spending more time at home, even the patient is still working, it is possible to take breaks to rest, tilt the head back and even work from a comfier seat instead of an office desk.

3- You Won’t Have To Take Off Days From Work

The pandemic made all industries adapt their working hours and styles. Most companies sent their employees home if they’re not an essential worker. Some, changed their shifts and shortened the time spent at workplaces. Bearing this in mind, making an appointment for a hair transplant operation will be a lot easier since you can plan your operation and first wash (day after operation) on a weekend or according to your schedule.

4- Don’t Worry About Postoperative Looks

The first look of the newly treated area after the operation may not be pleasing. Shells around the hair grafts start shredding around the 10th day after the operation. From this point, the new hair will start growing. When you have the hair transplant during the pandemic, you won’t have to worry about how the treated area will look like. Plus, you get the chance to surprise your friends and family with a brand new hairline, after the quarantine is over!

5- Quicker And Easier Healing At Home

Since we got used to spending more time at home, it became easier to build routines for the things that matter. For example, remembering to take the vitamin supplements to support the newly transplanted hair grafts is much easier. Plus, as mentioned before, staying at home allows you to protect the operated area from outside damages, which helps in shortening the healing process and increases the chance of getting the best results from the operation.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hair transplant for a while, we just told you the five reasons to do it during the pandemic! If you’re already in Istanbul, drop by our medical clinic to have a consultation and set an operation date. If not, we’ve got online consultation opportunities as well! All you need to do is send photographs of your head from different angles and our experts will help you along the way! Get in touch with us through the phone numbers on the home page.

Painless Anesthesia

The always evolving technology brings up new techniques in hair transplant, which allow easier and smoother operations for the patients. Now, painless anesthesia is commonly used in hair transplant operations.

Being one of the first steps of the hours long operation, anesthesia ensures the patient feels minimum pain throughout the procedure. With painless anesthesia, the patient doesn’t even feel the local numbing at the beginning of the operation, and has a painless experience until the end.

What is Painless Anesthesia?

Ağrısız anestezi, bölgesel uyuşturma için kullanılan ilk birkaç iğnenin bile hissedilmemesini sağlayan özel bir işlemdir. Hızlı bir şekilde etkisini gösteren bu yöntem ile iğne hissinden hoşlanmayan hastalar dahi kolaylıkla saç ekimi yaptırabilir. Bu uygulama özel bir tabanca ile yapılır. Bölgesel uyuşma, ağrı ve acı hisleri için hastadan teyit alındıktan sonra saç ekiminin ilk aşaması olan saç kökü toplanmasına başlanabilir. Böylece hastanın rahatlığı ön planda tutularak operasyon süreci devam ettirilir.

Painless anesthesia is a procedure that ensures that even the first few needles which are used for local anesthesia are not felt. Thanks to this quick application, even the patients that are uncomfortable with needles can have hair transplantation. This application is done with a special device. The operation begins only after confirming that the patient doesn’t feel any pain and the area is numb. The patient’s comfort is held first in this process.

How does painless anesthesia work?

A local anesthesia device is used for this process instead of traditional injection methods. The device is loaded with liquid anesthesia. The pressure of microneedles at the tip of this device allows the anesthesia to get under the skin easily. The feeling during this process can be described like a mosquito bite. Under the influence of anesthesia, the patient won’t feel the rest of the injections and procedures. This includes collecting hair grafts, opening the canals and transplanting the grafts.

Which Patients Can Benefit From Painless Anesthesia?

Painless Anesthesia can be performed on any patient that qualifies for hair transplant. Here at ESTE MEDICA, any patient that requests this procedure can have it. We perform this at our medical clinic, under the approval of an anesthesiologist; using the local anesthesia device instead of injections. Our main purpose is to make sure our patients are happy at all stages of the operation. We maintain this by communicating with the patients through each step, making sure they have the perfect experience.

If you also want to have hair transplant but holding back in thoughts of pain and injections, you can have a smooth operation with painless anesthesia. Getting a new hairline is not painful at all! We are just a text or phone call away! Get in touch to book your free consultation.

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