Painless Anesthesia

Painless Anesthesia

The always evolving technology brings up new techniques in hair transplant, which allow easier and smoother operations for the patients. Now, painless anesthesia is commonly used in hair transplant operations.

Being one of the first steps of the hours long operation, anesthesia ensures the patient feels minimum pain throughout the procedure. With painless anesthesia, the patient doesn’t even feel the local numbing at the beginning of the operation, and has a painless experience until the end.

What is Painless Anesthesia?

Ağrısız anestezi, bölgesel uyuşturma için kullanılan ilk birkaç iğnenin bile hissedilmemesini sağlayan özel bir işlemdir. Hızlı bir şekilde etkisini gösteren bu yöntem ile iğne hissinden hoşlanmayan hastalar dahi kolaylıkla saç ekimi yaptırabilir. Bu uygulama özel bir tabanca ile yapılır. Bölgesel uyuşma, ağrı ve acı hisleri için hastadan teyit alındıktan sonra saç ekiminin ilk aşaması olan saç kökü toplanmasına başlanabilir. Böylece hastanın rahatlığı ön planda tutularak operasyon süreci devam ettirilir.

Painless anesthesia is a procedure that ensures that even the first few needles which are used for local anesthesia are not felt. Thanks to this quick application, even the patients that are uncomfortable with needles can have hair transplantation. This application is done with a special device. The operation begins only after confirming that the patient doesn’t feel any pain and the area is numb. The patient’s comfort is held first in this process.

How does painless anesthesia work?

A local anesthesia device is used for this process instead of traditional injection methods. The device is loaded with liquid anesthesia. The pressure of microneedles at the tip of this device allows the anesthesia to get under the skin easily. The feeling during this process can be described like a mosquito bite. Under the influence of anesthesia, the patient won’t feel the rest of the injections and procedures. This includes collecting hair grafts, opening the canals and transplanting the grafts.

Which Patients Can Benefit From Painless Anesthesia?

Painless Anesthesia can be performed on any patient that qualifies for hair transplant. Here at ESTE MEDICA, any patient that requests this procedure can have it. We perform this at our medical clinic, under the approval of an anesthesiologist; using the local anesthesia device instead of injections. Our main purpose is to make sure our patients are happy at all stages of the operation. We maintain this by communicating with the patients through each step, making sure they have the perfect experience.

If you also want to have hair transplant but holding back in thoughts of pain and injections, you can have a smooth operation with painless anesthesia. Getting a new hairline is not painful at all! We are just a text or phone call away! Get in touch to book your free consultation.

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