Over a decade of hard work, ESTE MEDICA has treated almost 50.000 patients and they can’t be wrong!

ESTE MEDICA was founded in 2009 by Bahadır Sercan AYAR. Since then, it has adapted to changing techniques and technology, keeping its position amongst the top institutions in the hair transplant industry. The rules and regulations declared by the Ministry of Health in Turkey says, “all hair transplant operations can be performed at medical centers or polyclinics”. Following these protocols, ESTE MEDICA proceeds with medical operations at its own medical center with the presence of plastic surgeons and anesthesia doctors.

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Hair Transplant Coordinator

Bahadır Sercan Ayar

SERCAN AYAR supports fields medical reserach in plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, anti-aging, hair transplantation and alternative treatments.

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Airport Transfer

We meet with our local and foreign patients with translators and private vehicle and realize their transfer.


We realize your transfers to your hotel with translators and private vehicles.

Professional Team

We conduct all processes from your transfers to accommodation as a team.

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You don’t have to worry yourself with questions such as where am I, where is this as our valuable patients.

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