When Will It Heal?: What To Expect After Your Hair Transplant

When Will It Heal?: What To Expect After Your Hair Transplant

A major question in everyone’s head for hair transplant is the healing process after the operation. It is possible to go through this process as smoothly as possible with the right care and following the expert’s instructions. Here, we’ve listed what should be done at each term after the operation for the best healing and hair growth:

1 Day After Hair Transplant:

It is possible to have swellings and minor aching in the head, since you just had your operation. In this case, you can use the painkillers given to you by the clinic. The information on continuation of the medications will be given to you by our experts. The day after your operation, we will welcome you again at the clinic to give your head its 1st wash. As your head is very delicate, it has to be done carefully and very gently.  We do this procedure ourselves.

3 Days After Hair Transplant:

As of the 3rd day, most of your swelling and headache should be gone. From now on, you can wear a cap. Probably you’re back at your home or on your way home.

You can wash your hair with Este Medica lotion & shampoo. A video of instructions on how to wash your head gently will be shared with you after the operation. You should continue washing your head following the instructions until the 10th day.

10 Day After Hair Transplant

Until the 10th day, you may notice shells on your treated area. Today you will wash your head differently than the previous days and shed these shells. Most of the shells will fall naturally during your wash. The back of your head, where we collected hair grafts, will also heal as of the 10th day. Now you can lay on your back as you like and start doing light exercise.

1 Month After Hair Transplant

You can almost go back to your normal routine as of 1 month. You can go back to any exercise you’ve been practicing (crossfit, intense cardio or heavy lifting). Do not forget to send as photos of your head at this time, so we can track the progress of your healing and hair growth.

3 Months After Hair Transplant

From the 3 month mark, you can easily participate in activities with high heat like going to hammams or saunas. You can swim and sunbathe. Unlike the shells that were shed earlier, soft and thinner hair will start to grow on your head. These hairs will grow out and will give you a full look approximately 1 year after the operation.

The duration of healing is an approximate time range and it very much depends on how good the treated area is protected and how the patients take care of themselves. As Este Medica we take care of each and every one of our patients, follow their healing processes and keep ready on the other end of their telephones.

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