5 Reasons To Have Hair Transplant During The Pandemic

5 Reasons To Have Hair Transplant During The Pandemic

Most people who would like a hair transplant usually push the operation date back because they’re not sure about the procedure, healing, and how their hair will look like at the end. Some major concerns we’ve heard are; taking off days from work to have the operation and resting enough at home to help the healing process and protecting the operated area. Also, some people may not like the temporary look of the operated area. Therefore having this operation during the pandemic and quarantine, offers a great deal of convenience on many levels. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a hair transplant during the pandemic:

1- Post Operative Care is Even Easier At Home!

The first few days after hair transplant requires maximum care and attention to the operated area. Even the tiny movements like getting in an elevator, using public transport, or sitting in a car exposes the area to potential harm and hits. Having this operation during the pandemic minimizes these risks as most of the world works from home and only leaves their homes for essential duties.

2- Let Your Body Heal Better At Home!

Even if the procedure is done under local anesthesia, a hair transplant is still an operation. Therefore, like every other operation, the body needs to rest to regain its energy. Especially the first few days after the hair transplant, the patient should spend his time at home, preferably laying down and resting. We advise patients not to walk around much.

Since all of us are spending more time at home, even the patient is still working, it is possible to take breaks to rest, tilt the head back and even work from a comfier seat instead of an office desk.

3- You Won’t Have To Take Off Days From Work

The pandemic made all industries adapt their working hours and styles. Most companies sent their employees home if they’re not an essential worker. Some, changed their shifts and shortened the time spent at workplaces. Bearing this in mind, making an appointment for a hair transplant operation will be a lot easier since you can plan your operation and first wash (day after operation) on a weekend or according to your schedule.

4- Don’t Worry About Postoperative Looks

The first look of the newly treated area after the operation may not be pleasing. Shells around the hair grafts start shredding around the 10th day after the operation. From this point, the new hair will start growing. When you have the hair transplant during the pandemic, you won’t have to worry about how the treated area will look like. Plus, you get the chance to surprise your friends and family with a brand new hairline, after the quarantine is over!

5- Quicker And Easier Healing At Home

Since we got used to spending more time at home, it became easier to build routines for the things that matter. For example, remembering to take the vitamin supplements to support the newly transplanted hair grafts is much easier. Plus, as mentioned before, staying at home allows you to protect the operated area from outside damages, which helps in shortening the healing process and increases the chance of getting the best results from the operation.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hair transplant for a while, we just told you the five reasons to do it during the pandemic! If you’re already in Istanbul, drop by our medical clinic to have a consultation and set an operation date. If not, we’ve got online consultation opportunities as well! All you need to do is send photographs of your head from different angles and our experts will help you along the way! Get in touch with us through the phone numbers on the home page.

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